CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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At Capitality, you can trade the most popular currency pairings including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/GBP and you have access to over 30 currency pairs. To secure your earnings and minimise your losses, use our advanced trading tools.
You may trade forex with a leverage of up to 1:500, which means that any possible earnings or losses are multiplied. You may start trading with as little as 100 € and earn a capital boost of 50.000 €!
Currency pairs
Low spreads from 0 pips
Symbol Name Spread Long Swap Short Swap
EUR/USD EUR/USD Euro vs US Dollar 0 -4.51 -1.5
USD/JPY USD/JPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen 13.6 -3 -5
GBP/USD GBP/USD Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar 0.1 -5 -5
USD/CAD USD/CAD US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar 0.1 -4 -4
USD/CHF USD/CHF US Dollar vs Swiss Franc 26.8 0 -6
EUR/GBP EUR/GBP Euro vs Great Britain Pound 0 -3.11 -1.1
EUR/AUD EUR/AUD Euro vs Australian Dollar 0 -8.25 -4.3
EUR/CAD EUR/CAD Euro vs Canadian Dollar 0 -8.23 -2.5
EUR/CHF EUR/CHF Euro vs Swiss Franc 0 -0.446 -1.99
EUR/JPY EUR/JPY Euro vs Japanese Yen 0 -4.45 -1.325
CHF/JPY CHF/JPY Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen 34.7 -3.91 -1.43625
GBP/AUD GBP/AUD Great Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar 70.3 -1.94 -2.288
GBP/CAD GBP/CAD Great Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar 40.4 -2.426 -1.96
GBP/CHF GBP/CHF Great Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc 79.1 -0.23 -5
GBP/JPY GBP/JPY Great Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen 33.4 -5 -7
USD/PLN USD/PLN US Dollar vs Polish Zloty 60.6 -12.219 -5.86
USD/TRY USD/TRY US Dollar vs Turkish Lira 2402.6 -445.15 102.12
EUR/PLN EUR/PLN Euro vs Polish Zloty 0 -33.9 -21.3
EUR/TRY EUR/TRY Euro vs Turkish Lira 0 2789.2 -561.96
CHF/PLN CHF/PLN Swiss Franc vs Polish Zloty 40.2 -20.6 -15.8
Symbol Name Spread Long Swap Short Swap